Bio-safety Post COVID-19 Lockdown

Client and staff health and safety during these unprecedented times are of paramount importance and compliance during our procedures is in everyone’s best interest. As a small independent private-only clinic boutique, we have tightened our bio-safety measures against COVID-19. Since inception thankfully, our testing equipment where surfaces are touched by skin are  cleansed between each consulting guest. From 2015 we practised controlled entry against shoplifting. For a number of years now particularly during the summer months people browsing had to facially wipe down before trying on our frames. Frames are cleansed before re-display. As a result of COVID-19, we have to be even more prepared with new additional procedures to increase our bio-safety.

The airflow in our air-conditioned boutique has been re-designed and the air will be purified through Hepa filters and plasma; this serves to kill bacteriae and viruses.  Since most clinics tend to be windowless our clinic air-flow too has been re-designed to fully exchange the air between visits.

Briefly examples of our further bio-safety procedures:


  • All visits, including Consultations, frame fitting and selection will be By Appointment only.
  • Only one person and if necessary one other same-household member will be allowed in at any one area at a time.
  • Upon entry our staff team will be in PPE; temperature checking of visitors and hand sanitising will be required.
  • Full PPE to be worn by team members and masked client will be required for all Consultations and Frame Fittings since these procedures are carried out within the minimum 2m social distancing guidelines.
  • Once inside our clinic conversations will be kept to essential only communications to minimise microscopic aerosol transmission of Corona viruses that could linger undetected.
  • We require a minimum of 30 minutes between visitors for bio-safety cleansing.
  • Other procedures will be advised during your journey in our practice.

Lockdown effect on vision

During this time if you have been listening to the government guidelines most of us would have spent a lot of our time indoors with an increase in electronic screen usage. During this screen time our blink rate would have decreased and our focus would have been predominantly at near to intermediate distances unless you had an outdoor office/media setup. Some of us would have experienced dry eyes and some eye strain or even both. For dry eyes conscious  blinking or use of an eye lubricant/moisturiser widely available would bring some relief. For eye strain you should change your focus to far for every twenty minutes spent on your close-up work/hobby. Eye strain or headaches could also indicate that you may need optometric help; unfortunately this was not available throughout COVID-19 lockdown; even hospital emergency appointments were cancelled.

In the meantime take care of ourselves by leading balanced healthy lives through healthy nutrition, regular exercise, refreshing sleep and staying positive and happy.